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Personal Power Academy in Training and Development was established in 2010 by Jeffrey Tan Online training professionals from diverse industries who are passionate to learn and share best practices.

He is committed to transfer of skills and technology knowledge of his internet online capabilities to enhance the growth of an individual.

In his journey of bringing growth to the online business, he pushes boundaries by using technologies, best practices and knowledge to achieve thought leadership in the field of learning across generations and meeting the diverse needs of the learning community.

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Our unique brand of training enhances skills, saves time and money and contributes to your online trainer business success.

Train the online trainer business course

Although it may appear to be simple, conducting an online training session requires specific skills and knowledge of how people learn.

Online Trainers who have taken the time to consider their own approaches, understandings and skills will be better equipped to provide comprehensive, active and effective training courses.

This online training program provides the groundwork for trainers to begin developing and refining their online training and facilitation skills using a variety of methods to deliver the best learning experiences and improve learner engagement and retention. Over time, online trainers will develop their practical skills further because of this course.

This online course is intended for subject matter experts who wish to transition into online training professionals in their areas of expertise.

This online course is also designed for online trainers who wish to refine their training and online facilitation skills,Whether you are preparing to be a professional online trainer, or you are someone who does a bit of training as a part of your job, you always want to be prepared.

Your participants will understand that online training is a process where skills, knowledge, and attitudes are applied in a unique way.