Expert content For Online Trainer, How anyone can turn their knowledge in to industry Expert





Product Description

Expert content for online Trainer

Build expert content, Supported expert content means we can train you an in industry-leading online trainer.

How You Can Help Yourself on Subject Matter Expert by Create an Effective expert Content on your own.

An experienced Subject Matter Expert is one of the most valuable assets you can have at your disposal.

If you don’t have a subject matter expert available for your training development project, we recorded a series of new, on-screen video training tutorials on how anyone can turn their knowledge – or even other people’s knowledge – into sellable content!

The key is how to help you to create an amazing online course.

The video training covers various ways on how one can productize his or her knowledge like…

Creating high-quality E-Books that sell

Video training (like the one we’re offering here)

Membership sites

Effective PowerPoint training


And more within the training videos…

Unlike the other generic training products you’re used to seeing out there, these videos go into detail it’s like watching over our shoulders as we create a product!

But Here’s The Awesome Part…

Our expert content for online trainer training course, we show you those affordable hands-on media training, tools, and resources in video

We’ll share top tips you can use to give your Subject Matter Expert the guidance they need to create effective online training courses.

This course will teach you how to build scalable, repeatable processes for creating and promoting content that converts into new customers.

If you’re creating content or managing content creators – this course will give you expert tactics for efficiently building your content library, and extracting more value from …

Defining what a subject matter expert is in the modern era of instructional design requires moving past traditional ideas

What you going to learn

  • E-Book Content Formula
  • How To Format Your E-Book
  • How To Create Table of Contents
  • Cover Creation with
  • How To Put Cover on E-Book
  • How To Convert To PDF
  • How To Use Camtasia To Record On-Screen Video
  • Editing The Video (cut video clips, remove audio)
  • How To Create Transitions
  • How To Render Your Video In Camtasia
  • How To Record PowerPoint Slides
  • How To Create Transitions
  • How To Create Animations
  • How To Change And Format Image And Background
  • How To Add Text Effect
  • How To Add Audio/Video
  • Any Video Converter (MPEG4 -> MP4)
  • How To Record In MP3
  • Tips To Record High-Quality Audio
  • What is Podcast?
  • How To Create Compelling Podcast
  • How To Start Recording Podcast
  • How To Publish Your Podcast
  • CD Physical Publishing
  • “Print On Demand” for the home study course
  • And many more

THIS is the difference between creating content that SELLS

After creating hundreds upon hundreds of various information products,




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